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MON PLATIN PROFESSIONAL offers stylists a totally reliable range of preparations to help achieve professional goals and maintain them over the long term.

MON PLATIN products are elegant, up-to-date and guaranteed to produce optimum results. This catalog was designed for hundreds of thousands of customers in the 56 countries around the world where MON PLATIN products are distributed to the satisfaction of stylists and customers alike. We issue it with our love and good wishes for beautiful, healthy hair.

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Anti Break Catalogue

Hair Color

Advanced innovative hair dye, rich in pigments and containing the most precise formula for your hair. A perfect harmony of innovative ingredients with progressive technology aimed at maintaining the natural texture of hair fiber and care for your hair during the coloring process.

Thanks to Mon Platin Anti break´s precise texture and innovative formula, the hair fiber benefits from a triple complex of hair-care, shine and strengthening of the hair. Mon Platin Anti Break Super Color – For healthier, stronger and shinier hair than ever.

PPD free. SLS free.

100 ml

Full Cover

Rinsing preparation that transforms permanent color into tone-on-tone semi-permanent color. Our Full Cover provides the hair with a uniform long lasting shading and coating without damaging the cuticle.

Contains a powerful pigment that enables the creation of unique shades and prevents unwanted ones from appearing on the hair after the coloring process.

Based on extract of Plant Stem Cells, combined with Anti-Break complex, Anti-Break Full Cover add a protective and restorative layer to the hair during the coloring process, enhancing the hair´s shine and enabling the intended shade to remain in the hair fiber for much longer.

500 ml

Super Bleaching Powder

Super Anti Break bleaching powder can create a perfect light color shade while causing 86% less damage to the hair fiber compared to bleaching processes using traditional powder, thanks to the advanced neosomic technology of the Anti Break Safe Guard complex.

Today it´s possible to perform a number of hair bleaching processes in one day while paying heed to the hair´s health and reaching the desired results. No more mixing of additional ingredients and no more worries about breaking the hair or significantly damaging the hair´s fiber.

500 gr

Safe Guard

An innovative combination of amino acids comprising the niosomal conduction system which strengthen the hair and protect it during the intensive Bleaching / Coloring process. The Anti-Break Safeguard is a breakthrough in hair Bleaching, Coloring and strip coloring, as it maintains the hair´s structure, especially in clarified and damaged hair, thereby enabling the use of chemical actions while protecting the natural qualities of the hair.

The Anti-Break Safeguard is molecularly compatible with Mon Platin Professional´s chemical products (hair bleaching, coloring and clarifying products), working in complete synergy with these products to achieve an amazing result, while maintaining a healthy, silky look.

Premium Super Mask Set

Mon Platin´s Anti Break Super Mask combined with Activator Cream and Anti Break Safe Guard liquid provides an innovative, deep treatment of the hair fiber. This luxurious treatment strengthens the internal fiber of the hair by thickening the cuticle layer that serves as the internal "spine" of the hair. It renews the natural foundation of the hair fiber, restoring the hair´s shine and natural look that has been lost as a result of years of chemical treatments (colors, hair dyes, streaks and straightening treatments), use of hard water and permanent exposure to difficult and changing weather conditions.

BLack Caviar Catalogue

Hair Treatment

Super Gentle Shampoo salt free: Exclusive shampoo formulated especially for use after application of chemicals (straightening agents, keratin treatments, color, bleach, etc.).
Contains no salt, preserves hair condition and does not counteract the effectiveness of the chemicals.
Designed for optimum pH balance. Leaves hair shiny, supple and revitalized.

Hair Serum: rehabilitate and preserve the structure of the hair. Leaves hair beautifully shiny, supple and optimally soft. Enables fast, easy hair drying and protects the hair from heat exposure during the drying and styling process.

Hair Mask for dry/colored hair: repair damaged and colored hair. Adds rich moisture, suppleness and vitality to the hair.

Total Reviving Hair Conditioner: Enriched with vitamin B5 and intensive anti-oxidants (orange and pomegranate extracts), combined with macadamia, obliphicha, and argan oils that protect and add shine and strength to your hair.

Hair Treatment

Moisturizing Hair Cream: Rehabilitate and preserve the structure of the hair. Adds sheen and flexibility, softens the hair and helps smooth out tangles. Contains sun screen. Enables easy styling of curly hair, controls volume and neutralizes static. 

Total Volume Hair Cream for Curly Hair: Helps soften and relax hair and release tangles. In the drying process, helps build perfect curls and control volume.
Adds shine and moisture to the hair and also adds protection. Contains black caviar and peach extract, sunflower and cotton oils to protect the hair´s texture from environmental and weather damage. Neutralizes the hair´s natural static electricity.

Silk Spray: Leaves hair perfectly shiny, supple and soft. Also contains sunscreen to protect from radiation damage (UVA+UVB sun protection factor).

Multi-action hair cream 12 in 1: Provide four separate levels of vital benefits: Appearance: Leaves hair shiny and easy to control for easy, longlasting styling. Adds volume and holding power. Treatment: Repairs and rehabilitates dry and damaged hair. Loosens tangles and mends split ends. Protection: Protects hair color and contains UVA and UVB sun filters. Protects against heat. Provides protection before and after various types of hair straightening treatments (Japanese/ Brazilian/American/French). Sensuous Texture: Leaves hair feeling silky soft. Makes combing and use of hairdryers and straighteners easier. Gentle fragrance leaves hair lightly perfumed.

Hair Treatment

Thermo Builder: Designed to restore and rehabilitate hair during blow drying or straightening procedures.. 

Hair Guardian Treatment Ampoule: For the treatment of damaged hair or after chemical action on the hair (color/perm). Revitalizes the hair, leaving it shiny and soft.

Honey & olive oil Moisturizing Hair Cream: Helps mend split ends and style curly hair

Linen Seed Hair Serum: Maintains and protects hair during hairdryer use. Helps release tangles and protects against weather damage and split ends. Adds flexibility, vitality and sheen.

Oriental Oil: A complex of oils and silicones enriched with argan oil, jojoba oil and wheat germ oil and containing Vitamin E. Provides maximum protection to hair during the drying process, enhances appearance of the hair and adds sheen and richness.

Specific Hair Shampoos

  • Total Balance Shampoo for Oily Hair
  • Total Clean Shampoo Anti-Dandruff Treatment
  • Total Repair Shampoo for Dry/Colored Hair
  • Total Volume Shampoo for Curly Hair

For Straightened Hair

  • Total Repair Shampoo
  • Total Repair Serum
  • Total Repair Hair Mask
  • Travel Kit Straightened Hair Treatment

Helps preserve the result of chemical straightening over a long period. Developed especially for chemically straightened hair (Japanese / regular / French or keratin treatment).

Hair Volumizer

  • Volumizer Shampoo
  • Volumizer Serum
  • Volumizer Hair Mask
  • Volumizer Spray
  • Volume Buider Powder

For Fine, Thin and Fragile Hair. Unique formula adds volume and manageability and leaves the hair looking healthier, fuller and richer.

Total Blonde Hair

For daily shampooing of blonde, bleached or lightened hair:

  • Total Blond Shampoo
  • Total Blond Hair Mask

HYLOREN Catalogue

HYLOREN Hair Straightening KIT

The healthiest most effective hair straightening system!

Each kit contains:

  • HYLOREN Straightening Cream 
  • HYLOREN Purify Shampoo
  • HYLOREN Mask
  • HYLOREN Dream Hair

Precise formulation for specific hair types
Hyloren Soft & Smooth is divided into three main categories: 1. Natural hair, which has not gone through a cuticle, color or other chemical process. 2. Dyed hair, which has gone through a cuticle opening process and chemical components, dye or smooths have been inserted into it. 3. Blonde / highlighted / bleached hair, which chemical processes have brought to a high degree of brightness.

Proper diagnosis as a key to the success of the process
The success of the straightening process and the achievement of maximum results, require a correct diagnosis of the hair. The Hyloren straightening provides the hair stylist with an accurate solution for each type of hair and the option of mixing the various materials for a customized effect.

Following the treatment protocol
After the correct diagnosis of the hair and choosing the correct straightener, work according to the exact treatment protocol of the Hyloren straightening by Mon Platin and follow the instructions explained in the product instructions.

HYLOREN Smoother Hair for Straightened Hair

  • HYLOREN Smoother Hair Shampoo
  • HYLOREN Smoother Hair Mask
  • HYLOREN Smoother Hair Serum
  • HYLOREN Smoother Hair Dream Hair

The first in the world that contains the powerful polymer – Hyaluronic acid in an innovative, updated formulation for restoring chemically straightened hair and strengthening and improving the hair's look over time.

Does not contain SLS/SLES. Provide the hair fiber with a comprehensive seven-dimensional treatment that includes unique moisture absorption, anti-freeze effect for reducing volume, strengthening of the hair fiber, increased flexibility and the creation of a uniform surface throughout the hair length to increase the hair's natural shine and protect its color over time.

Frequent use of HYLOREN Smoother Hair leaves the hair soft and pleasant, with a uniform and smooth texture and no frizzy ends.

HYLOREN Color Save for Damaged Hair

  • HYLOREN Color Save Shampoo
  • HYLOREN Color Save Mask
  • HYLOREN Color Save Serum
  • HYLOREN Color Save Dream Hair

HYLOREN high pH alkaline. The first in the world that contains the powerful polymer – Hyaluronic acid. This innovative formulation is carefully designed to soften, strengthen and restore the hair's appearance.

This powerful shampoo provides the hair fiber with a comprehensive seven-dimensional treatment that includes moisture absorption, anti-freeze effect, strengthening of the hair fiber, increased flexibility, enhanced volume for the hair fiber, increased natural shine and neutralization of free radicals, leaving the hair pleasant to touch, flexible, uniform in texture and more durable for brushing.

Frequent use seals the hair cuticle and prevents fading and discoloration of the hair.

HYLOREN Boosting Hair for Thin, Sparse and Brittle hair

  • HYLOREN Boosting Hair Shampoo
  • HYLOREN Boosting Hair Mask
  • HYLOREN Boosting Hair Serum

Balanced pH shampoo. Precisely formulated innovative acid compounds for enhancing volume in thin and sparse hair and for straightening the hair fiber over time.

Do not contain the harmful salt components SLS/SLES and provide the hair with seven dimensions of comprehensive nurturing: Powerful moisture absorption, enhanced volume thanks to the calcium compounds, strengthening of the hair fiber from the root to the ends, creation of a uniform surface for the hair fiber and an increased sense of natural shine, softness and flexibility throughout the hair's length.

Frequent use will make your hair feel strong, healthy and shiny.

HYLOREN Blond Highlights

  • HYLOREN Blond Highlights Shampoo
  • HYLOREN Blond Highlights Hair Mask

This innovative formulation is carefully designed to maintain a bright blond color.

Coat the hair fiber with a comprehensive seven-dimensional treatment that includes cancellation of the unwanted yellow or orangey shade, moisture absorption, anti-freeze effect, strengthening of the hair fiber, increased flexibility, increased natural shine and neutralization of free radicals, leaving the hair looking glowing and bright.

Frequent use resists the unwanted yellowish shade in the hair fiber, resulting in a perfect shade. 

Our Other Ranges


  • Pro Ceramic White Brush
  • Carbon Hair Brush and Comb
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Clips for hair
  • Color Caps
  • Professional Straightener
  • Hair Color Remover Wipes
  • Hairdressers Razor, Scissors
  • Color Brush and Bowl
  • Capes, Cape with silicon collar
  • Digital Scale
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Classic Hair Color

Mon Platin´s rich collection of innovative color compounds, enriched with plant extracts to produce a perfect combination of rich, deep and shiny tones that provide maximum protection for scalp and hair.

100 ml

Professional Use

Color Remover: To clean the skin after hair coloring. Gentle and user friendly.

Neutralizer: For straightening and perming.

Skin Protector: Prevents hair coloring from staining the skin around the hairline.

Straightening Cream: Gentle texture, special quality cream for perfect results in straightening hair. 

Professional Use

Multi System Japanese Style Hair Straightening Kit: Suitable for use with ceramic hair straighteners. An ideal professional hair straightening kit for traditional straightening or enhanced straightening with ceramic straighteners. 250+250 ml

Blondy White/Blue Bleaching Powder: Convenient, fast-action bleaching powder that retains hair texture without powdery appearance. Enables the hair stylist to work precisely. Bleaches up to five shades lighter.
Available in 2 versions: White - for fast-action, precision results.
Blue - for thick hair or extra-fast action. 500 gr


Silicone Hair Cream: A unique cream to help release tangled hair and facilitate brushing and combing, including curly hair. Adds moisture to the hair and enables endless styling possibilities.

Silicone Hair Spray: Hair retains soft texture and pleasant, refreshing fragrance over a long time. Protection - especially strong UV filters protect against the sun's harmful rays and weather damage.

Silicon hair mask: nourishes hair and scalp with essential vitamins and minerals. Leaves hair looking young and fresh. Leaves hair easy to brush or comb and pleasant to the touch, with an especially attractive fragrance.

Silver Effect

  • Silver Effect Shampoo
  • Silver Effect Mask

Designed especially for grey, yellowing or silver hair to blend and disguise any yellow tones in blond hair and/or streaks and/or highlights. Leaves hair soft and supple, with added sheen and vitality.

Enriched with moisture complex, propolis, olive oil and honey.


Fashionista Fashion Edition Hairspray: Provides your hair with volume and an ultimate grip over a long period of time, without a sense of heaviness or stickiness and while enabling combing and brushing throughout the hairstyling process. Unique anti-moisture component for treating rebellious, frizzy hair. Also suitable for use on hair extensions and wigs.

Fifty/Fifty for curls: A precise double formula cream for nurturing, stabilizing and maintaining curls. Your curls will be soft, well-defined and easy to form within minutes. Also suitable for use on short hair to create volume and a fashionable haircut.

Miami Beach Ocean Water Spray: Leaves your hair looking wavy, soft and sexy. Easily and quickly absorbed into the hair fiber, giving your hair a gentle grip and natural motion without any unpleasant sense of stickiness or heaviness.

Texturizing Wave Mousse: An airy and light Mousse that enhances moisture in the hair´s fiber while quickly enveloping the lock of hair into a well formed curlallowing volume control according to the desired style.

Silver Effect Shade Foam: An intensive cleaning mousse for a "color bath” effect. The airy and light foam carries a rich and intensive pigment that assists in softening unwanted yellowy/orangy hair shades.

Fashionista Clean Cut: A forming and finishing cream with an average grip, hardness level of 3, and super-matte finish. Clean cut is a powerful cream intended for creating innovative designs and spectacular styles for evening hairdos and fashion shows.


CLASSIC Shampoo for Colored / Dry Hair 500ml: Treatment shampoo for hair with naturally dry texture, or hair damaged by any chemical process or weather. Adapted to the hair´s natural acidity level (normal pH level). Treatment -helps redress balance of acidity and replenishes essential lost vitamins and minerals. Enriches hair with Vitamins E and B5.

CLASSIC Hair Conditioner 500ml: Conditioner suitable for all hair types and especially for hair suffering from damage caused by weather, sea or swimming pool, or from chemical sources such as colorants, highlights, perms, bleaching, etc.

CLASSIC Super Strong Hair Spray 250ml: Quality product for use on dry or wet hair. Suitable for up-to-date hair styling methods and hair styles requiring long lasting stability. Styling - especially suitable for difficult styles requiring strength, and for putting finishing touches to styling.
Use - for finishing and fixing hair styles.

CLASSIC Sheen Oily Hair Spray 400ml: Quality spray to add oil and shine to hair. Treatment- replenishes the hair with the required degree of oiliness. Appearance- adds noticeable sheen to hair while retaining a natural appearance.
Wellbeing- leaves hair feeling fragrant, soft and refreshed. Use- as required.

CLASSIC Hair Spray 400ml: Quality spray to maintain hair style and resist all weather conditions. Appearance - assures that hair styles remain fresh, stable and unchanged over a long time. Also adds sheen and maintains basic softness of hair.
Use - for immediate styling after completion of hair style. Also enables flexibility and change of hair style. Well-being - leaves hair feeling fragrant, soft and refreshed.


2 in 1 Shampoo & Shower Gel:

Especially formulated for daily use by men. Cleanses the scalp thoroughly, leaving the hair soft and pleasant to the touch and ready for easy combing and styling. Helps eliminate visible dandruff. Adds body and volume to the hair. Can also be used as shower gel for men.

Hair Moisturizer 400ml:

Adds sheen and flexibility, softens the hair and helps smooth out tangles. Enables easy, controls volume and neutralizes static.

Fresh Hair Coloring Cream 250ml:

A moisturizing cream that gives a black shade to white hair, concealing gray hair while adding shine, volume and grip to hair. Easily washed off. Suitable for daily use.

Beard Oil 30 ml:

Oil complex for facial hair softening and skin care. Enriched with tea tree oil extract, jojoba oil extract, as well as with black caviar extract that balances the moisture level of the facial skin and hair.


Hair Styling:

  • MenOnly Styling Gel
  • MenOnly Aqua Styling Wax
  • Styling Matt Clay Wax

Enriched with extracts of jojoba, black caviar and vitamins B5, C and E.