About Us

A.Meshi Cosmetics Industries Ltd., established in Israel, is dedicated to the development and production of Mon Platin products, that are distributed and recognized in Israel and over 50 countries worldwide.
The Mon Platin brand includes the following lines:
Mon Platin Gold Edition Premium
Bio Botanic Oil
Our products hold a Dead Sea products quality certificate granted by the
Manufacturers´ Association of Israel.
We produce facial, body and hair care products, each individually suited for women, men, babies, or for specific needs such as anti-aging treatments, psoriasis, maintaining the skin´s gentle balance, professional hair treatments and trendy hair designs for all hair types, and more.
Mon Platin products have won many professional competitions and industry awards. We follow the GMP cosmetics standard ISO 22716 and implements the strictest regulation for production of cosmetics products. Innovative creations are developed in our in-house research and development lab at the highest quality to suit the needs of our clients.

Our products are not tested on animals.
 Odelia Cosmetics Ltd is the exclusive reseller of Mon Platin products in Mauritius.